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    This page constitutes an effort on my part to disseminate information, on the widest possible scale, of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings -- otherwise known as Esoteric Philosophy. The information provided has been gathered from many sources which I believe to contain the truest and simplest interpretation of this most ancient and comprehensive philosophy. While this site is not affiliated with any one particular group or organisation, it contains a system of teachings on which many groups and associations are founded upon. As such, I have incorporated several articles from various sources which illustrate the essence of Esoteric Philosophy in what I hope is an easy-to-read and organised format. Credit to the source is given wherever possible and can be accessed in more depth through the Links page. Recent updates to the site can accessed at the Updates page.

     While this site contains a diverse selection of topics, it in no way covers the entire breadth of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings . However, a sufficient amount of material is present to gain a cursory understanding and to hopefully act as an inspiration to further study. In this light, the information throughout this site is available to download for personal use and study.


Todd Lorentz

Please contact me with comments, questions or suggestions for topics.