Transmission Meditation
by Benjamin Creme

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Summary: A collection of statements about Transmission Meditation and the value of meditaiton in general.

     As the energies of the Aquarian Age begin to stimulate our hearts and minds, and as we begin to make contact with that higher aspect of ourselves, the Soul, a new and perhaps hard-to-define urge may be felt. As its demand for expression grows, it inevitably brings us into contact with people and circumstances where it can be put to use. This urge, originating on the level of the Soul, is called Service. It is one of the Great Sciences that will unfold in the New Age.

     New Age service is most potent when performed in group formation. As this relates to meditation, it is known that far greater energy can be sent through groups than through individuals meditating alone. Thus, transmission work offers a unique opportunity to serve humanity, working with others, right where you are.

What is Transmission?

     Transmission is a specialized form of group meditation in which the members offer themselves (their energy centers -- chakras) as instruments for 'stepping down' (transforming) the spiritual energies emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters (the 'Elder Brothers' of the human race who oversee and guide our evolution.). In so doing, they provide the planet with a 'pool' of energy that is more accessible and useful to humanity and the other kingdoms in Nature -- the very energy which will transform our world. According to British esotericist and healer Benjamin Creme, transmission is the most important work that groups can easily be doing today. It will not conflict with any other form of meditation you may be practicing; in fact it will enhance your meditation and potentize other service activities in which you may be engaged.

     A transmission group is not the place to seek individual guidance, channeling of messages, contact with the astral planes or guides, etc. It is simply a giving of oneself in service to the world. And yet, as a by product of this selfless giving, one's own spiritual development is heightened. What one might achieve in 20 years of personal meditation will probably be achieved in one year of steady transmission work.

How to Conduct the Transmission

     To facilitate the manipulation of energy by the Masters, you may wish to sit in circular or horseshoe fashion, with men on one side and women on the other. A good beginning is to read in unison one of the Messages from Maitreya or listen to one on tape. This immediately raises the consciousness of the group. This is followed by speaking aloud together The Great Invocation. The Invocation should be said before the transmission to help align the group with Hierarchy and call forth the energy from the Christ and the Masters.

     No special expertise in meditation is required in order to transmit energy. All that is needed is alignment between the physical brain and the Soul, or Higher Self. This is achieved by focusing the attention on the ajna center, the point between the eyebrows, and simultaneously sounding the mantram 'OM' silently, inwardly. During the transmission, endeavor to hold the focus there. If the attention wanders, gently sound the OM inwardly, or mentally, and re-focus on that center. Do not meditate on the OM - just use it to bring your attention back. It is not the purpose of transmission groups to 'ground' energy; therefore, the OM is sounded silently to send the energies out on the mental plane. All that we are required to do is maintain this alignment; Hierarchy does the work. Simplicity is the keynote.

     In the beginning you may wish to establish a specific length of time for the transmission, e.g. one hour. But once the group is established, it is recommended that the transmission continue until the energy flow ceases. In this latter case, members should feel free to leave whenever they wish, trying not to disturb those who are staying on. Meeting on the physical plane adds an 'X' factor of potentization to the work which is greater than can be achieved by individuals linking up mentally. So, physical attendance is important. Nevertheless, no one should be compelled to attend regularly or stay for a certain length of time. Each person must be left free to make his/her own commitment.

What Happens During Transmission?

     Hierarchy directs the energies form the spiritual planes through the chakras (energy centers) of the group members -- down to the mental levels where they become more accessible to humanity. The group literally serves as a 'point of entry' for the energies to reach humanity and stimulate human progress. These energies are conditioned by the focused minds of the Masters who are sending them, and who know where they are most needed, and in what precise balance and potency to bring about the desired effects. The group should not send them to any person, group or country who they think could benefit. It is enough that we act as positive, poised mental channels, through which the energies can be sent in a highly scientific manner.

     Unlike other forms of meditation, transmission is totally under the control of the Masters. They are experts and will not send through your centers more energy that you can safely take. The only provision is that children under the age of 12 should not take part in a transmission group, as their energy centers are not yet sufficiently developed and could be harmed.

Forming a Group

     To form a transmission group, all you need is the intention and the desire to serve. A group may begin with any number of people. As few as three people, working in triangular formation, can transmit energy very effectively. You can start simply by inviting a few friends of like interest to meet with you regularly. These can then be encouraged to invite others. When you form a group, Tara Canada will also refer to you individuals in your area who express interest in joining a group.

     Regularity is important. The group should choose a day(s) and a time and stick to it. This enables Hierarchy to know that a group can be depended upon to be available at a set time, and the group energy can be integrated into the overall work. Once a routine is established, it becomes a special and important point of focus in each member's life.

     Some groups precede their meditation with study or discussion of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, that great body of knowledge that underlies all religious and philosophical thought. This can help to build the group consciousness, particularly when there are new members added regularly. Other groups prefer to limit their activity to the actual transmission. Either method is effective.


     Where the forming of a group or joining a group on the physical plane is not possible, forming a meditation triangle with two other people is not possible, forming a meditation triangle with two other people enables one to still participate in this form of service, although not at the same level of potency. A triangle is a group of three people who link up in thought for a few minutes of creative meditation. They need not live in the same locality, and it is not necessary to synchronize the time at which the work is done; for once the triangle links are built in mental substance, they can be brought alive when any one member does the work.

     Triangles work is easy. Mentally link up with the other members; visualize a triangle of white light circulating above your heads; then say the Great Invocation aloud (whenever possible). See your triangle linked with all other triangles, transmission and meditation groups on the planet. See the white light circulating among this network of focal points and pouring out to envelop the world, thus helping to form a channel for the down-pouring of Light and Love into the body of humanity.

     Through the use of triangles, a 'network' of Light and Goodwill covering the entire planet is being created and maintained. The network provides the necessary interlocking strands of lighted mental substance, or channels, along which spiritual energy can flow. The triangles work is a valuable service to humanity and can be done along with transmission work.

A Cosmic Numbers Game

     People often wonder how much of an impact they' as individuals, can have in any given situation. Consider this:

     As stated above, the basic unit for the work of energy transmission is one triangle of three people. The addition of another person to this basic group increases the number of possible triangles to four. If two more people join, making a group of five, there are now ten triangles. If one of them brings a friend, there will be twenty triangles. Seven people make thirty-five triangles. Eight people make fifty-six triangles; nine people, eighty-four; ten people, one hundred twenty!

     The more people in the group, the more dramatic the increase in triangles by the addition of one person. The larger the group, the more difference you make -- either by your presence or by your absence.

Energy: The Transforming Agent
(Excerpted from Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age, p. 7-10, by Benjamin Creme)

     Every kingdom in nature evolves in response to the nourishment of the energy which it receives from the kingdom immediately above it, while each kingdom grows out of the kingdom below it. The vegetable kingdom has grown out of the mineral kingdom. Out of the vegetable kingdom has grown the animal kingdom; from the animal, the human kingdom. Out of the human kingdom has grown and is growing the spiritual kingdom, the kingdom of souls, or, in Christian terminology, the kingdom of God. The spiritual kingdom is something which, unknown to most of us, has always existed behind the scenes of our life. It is made up of the Masters and the Initiates of the Wisdom, that group of men and women who have gone ahead of us, evolved before us, and, in the case of the Masters, have come to the end of the evolutionary experience on this planet.

     The Masters are here simply to serve the plan of evolution of the human and subhuman kingdoms. They are the custodians of all the energies entering this planet. Powerful cosmic energies impinge upon this planet from everywhere in space, and we know nothing about them and can do nothing with them. The Masters work with these energies scientifically, balancing them sending them into the world to help humanity evolve.

     Humanity evolves through the correct absorption of the spiritual energies. All change, on both an individual and a world-wide scale, is the result of our response to great spiritual forces. We do not see these energies for the most part, but nevertheless they are there, working through us. By changing and creating new structures, making personal, communal, international decisions, we are responding to these energies.

     The energies are of many different kinds and qualities, and therefore have different names. One is called Will; another is Love, the cohesive magnetic force binding the atoms of matter together, and binding the units of humanity together.

     The evolutionary aim is that we shall be bound together by the energy of Love and demonstrate it in our lives, just as clearly and correctly as today we demonstrate the energy which we call Knowledge.

     The promise of this coming Age of Aquarius is that, for the first time in recorded history, humanity will become One, will demonstrate the Love of which unity is the expression. There is no such thing as a separate soul. We are individualized parts of one great oversoul which is perfect, and which is a reflection of what we call God, of that Reality in which we "live and move and have our being": the Logos of the planet.

Building the Bridge

     Transmission groups and triangles form a link between Hierarchy disciples working on the outer plane. They are helping to build humanity's bridge to the Spiritual Kingdom. Therefore, there will be an ongoing need for this work, to help humanity rise to the opportunity which the Christ's presence among us provides. It is a service in which we can involve ourselves for the rest of our lives and know that we are helping in the great transformation into the New Age.

Suggested Visualization

     The Great Invocation is a very potent prayer. By its use, any group of transmitters can invoke the energies of the Christ and the Masters and, acting as instruments, allow these energies to pass through their chakras in a simple, pleasant scientific manner.

     This is World Prayer, sponsored by no group or sect. We urge you to use it and encourage others to do so on behalf of humanity, thereby establishing goodwill and bringing about right human relations among all humanity.

     When you say the first line: "From the point of Light..." (or think of, if you cannot visualize Him) the Buddha, the Embodiment of Light or Wisdom on the Planet. Visualize Him sitting in the lotus posture, saffron robe over one shoulder, hand raised in blessing, and see emanating for the heart center, the ajna center (between the eyebrows), and the upraised hand of the Buddha, a brilliant golden light. See this light enter the minds of men and women everywhere.

     When you say the line: "Let Light descend on Earth," visualize the sun, the physical sun, and see emanating from it beams of white light. See this light enter and saturate the Earth.

     When you say: "From the point of Love...", visualize the Christ (the Embodiment of Love), however you see Him. A good way is to see Him standing at the head of an inverted Y-shaped table; each arm of the Y of the same length. (That table exists in the world, and the Christ presides at it.) See Him standing, arms raised in blessing, and see emanating from the heart center and the upraised hands of the Christ, a brilliant rose-colored light (not red). Visualize this rose light entering the hearts of men and women everywhere.

     When you say the line: "May Christ return to Earth," remember that this refers to the Hierarchy as a whole and not only to the Christ. He is the heart center of the Hierarchy (that part of it which will externalize slowly, over the years) still requires to be invoked; the magnetic conduit for Their descent has still to be maintained.

     When you say: "From the center where the Will of God is known," which is Shamballa, visualize a great sphere of white light. (You can place it' mentally, in the Gobi desert, where it is, on the two highest of the four etheric planes. One day, when mankind develops etheric vision, which it will do in this coming age, this center will be seen and known, as many other etheric centers will be seen and known.) Streaming from this sphere of brilliant light, visualize beams of light entering the world, galvanizing mankind into spiritual action.

The Master Djwhal Khul on Meditation & Service
(Excerpts as indicated from the books of Alice A. Bailey)

"The disciple and the initiate are learning the technique (through meditation) whereby the Mind of God, the Universal Mind, or thinking process of the planetary Logos, can be recorded and registered. You must learn to give a wider connotation to the word 'meditation' than have hitherto given. Laying oneself open to spiritual impression, and thus to co-operation with the Hierarchy, is meditation." (Discipleship in the New Age - Vol. II, p. 154)

"The method of work of the Hierarchy is that of impression upon the minds of Their disciples, of work carried on with the Master as broadcaster and the disciple as the recipient of impression and of energy." (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p. 40)

"The need of the world today has never been so great, nor the responsibility resting upon those who are treading the Path of Discipleship so deep, real and urgent . . . We need those who are seeking close contact with their souls and with Us Who are seeking to guide the race today. We need co-operators of dedication and selflessness as never before in the history of the race." (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 652)

"Let all students make up their minds in this day of emergency and of rapid unfolding opportunity to sacrifice all they have to the helping of humanity. . . . The urgency of the hour is upon us, and I call upon all of you whom I am seeing to help, to join the strenuous effort of the Great Ones. They are working day and night in an effort to relieve humanity. I offer to you opportunity and I tell you that you are needed -- even the very least of you. I assure you that groups of students, working in unison and with deep and unfaltering love for each other, can achieve significant results." (A Treatise on White Magic, p. 639-40)