Medical Science and Healing
by Aart Jurriaanse

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Summary: A discussion of the role of energy and the etheric body in healing, and the importance of the energy of Love in the relationship between healer and patient

Aart Jurriaanse, South African author, has written a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.

     Academically and technically considered, medical science with its diagnostic, surgical and other skills is today far advanced. The knowledge of the human body and its reactions to both internal and external physical stimuli and disturbances is outstanding. In one most important aspect medical science has so far unconsciously been badly handicapped. It has remained unaware of the existence of the etheric body, which forms the intangible framework on which the physical body is constructed, and which therefore plays an important role in the maintenance of its health. No wonder that physicians, notwithstanding their extensive knowledge of the physical aspects, have in the past so often been sorely puzzled by inexplicable features of diseases, and by the unaccountable reactions of their patients who for no explainable reasons might show either improvement or deterioration. Little did they realize that the real underlying cause for many complaints was to be found in the inharmonious condition of the etheric vehicle.

Etheric Body

     With the existence of the etheric body now becoming an accepted fact, medicine is standing on the verge of a totally new approach to disease and its treatment. As yet there are, however, only few who fully recognize the extent of the implications of this so-called 'electro-magnetic field', and that it constitutes the mainstay of all physical existence, not only surrounding but also minutely interpenetrating and supporting the tangible body. Neither is it realized that the individual etheric body is but a small component of the overall etheric system, with which it is therefore intimately associated.

     The pioneers in this new field of research, however, still need more corroborative evidence, not only for strengthening their own convictions but also to convince the rest of the medical profession of the important role played by this subtle body. It must be recognized that this electrical surround not only serves as the conductor of all incoming energies from external sources but also acts as the channel for the distribution of the forces which have been generated and transmuted within the personality complex, and are being radiated to the environment.

     Future medical science will therefore be largely concentrated on a study and better understanding of the etheric body, and even more particularly of the etheric centers which it contains. There is a close relationship between the etheric centers and the endocrine system. The result is that the endocrinologist, when he becomes aware of the relation between the etheric vehicle, the endocrine system and the blood stream, will also obtain a much clearer insight into many of his inexplicable problems of the past.

     As far as the purely physical aspects are concerned, medical science is actually nearing the limits of what man can accomplish. But fortunately unfoldment and achievement are never-ending, and wonderful new vistas are now opening up before the healer of the future. He is now on the point of advancing on to a fresh terrain, which up to now has largely remained hidden to science. With the advent of greater light, illumining all spheres of human activity, and with man's increasing perceptivity, the intangible realms will be opened up to him. This will prove of great advantage to medical science, allowing the dedicated and altruistic practitioner to draw closer to the world of causes.

     All the efforts of medical science are today concentrated on prolonging the life in the form. The time is not far distant, however, when it will be realized that the form life is relatively of only secondary importance. Man's attitude will undergo a radical change when once it is recognized that the physical body is merely a channel through which the soul may gain certain experiences and is only its instrument of expression in the world of matter. Future medical science will therefore focus its main efforts on prevention of disease, thus keeping the instrument sound and efficient. Furthermore, when nature has run its course, and when the soul has accomplished the task for which it came into incarnation, it demands liberation. This stage should be recognized by the healer, and he should then know when to stand aside, leaving nature to fulfill its purpose without attempting to retain the life artificially in the form.

     Disease denotes an imbalance in the combined functions of the human system. With the exception of systemic disorders caused by wars and accidents, or by virulent epidemics, whose origins are of a planetary nature and have been induced by defaults of humanity as a whole, all physical disturbances must first be sought in adverse influences emanating from the etheric centers. These vital focal points of energy influence the activity of the `nadis', those minute links between the subjective and the material underlying the nervous system, which in turn affect the endocrine glands and the blood stream, all jointly regulating man's condition of health.

Healing of the Future

     One of the principal healing techniques of the future will require that the healer should learn how to direct chosen energies towards specific objectives. He should thus learn to gain some measure of control on etheric levels, enabling him to heal physical disorders by influencing the supporting etheric structure. Healing therefore need not primarily be of a physical nature. In most instances psychic restoration will automatically result in physical recovery.

     The true esoteric healer will reach the stage where he becomes aware of the subjective condition of his patients. Through increased sensitivity he becomes subtly perceptive of the needs and conditions of his patient. When under such circumstances his reactions become automatic and intuitive, they will also be more reliable. The ideal healer should not depend solely on either his esoteric or his exoteric attributes. Basically he should be a qualified orthodox medical practitioner, with the scientific and technical knowledge of modern science at his disposal; but simultaneously he should also be a good psychologist, as well as a spiritual healer, knowing how to avail himself of the energies of the etheric world.

     As the several qualifications mentioned above are rarely combined in a single individual, it will therefore be advisable for healers of different bent and training to combine their service efforts, and to collaborate in groups in which physical, psychic and mental healers will be able to merge their efforts to the advantage of the patient. The aim should be to co-ordinate the following specialized functions:

o The orthodox and academic physician, endocrinologist and surgeon.
o Psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists.
o Mental healers of various quality often classified as 'New Thought' workers.
o Trained esoteric workers who endeavor to reach the souls of men.

     It is predicted that the time will arrive when hospitals will be available where these various phases of medical treatment will be provided with perfect co-operation.
     When considering the Seven Rays of Energy, both the Second and Seventh Rays are recognized 'healing Rays'; of these two it is the Second Ray which plays the most eminent role. It is for this reason that natural healers will as a rule be found to be Second Ray souls, although the success of their work will largely depend on their dedication in training themselves for the purpose. It is only by such consecration that natural aptitude will be brought to effective practical expression.

     Every initiate automatically becomes a spiritual healer, because he is learning to direct energies the underlying principle is that 'energy follows thought'. The more advanced he is, the less will he consciously concern himself with the intricacies of the centers, and the direction of energies and forces; he will sense these intuitively, and will learn to perform the correct functions automatically.

     Although in the early stages expertness may be lacking, it may nevertheless be said that every individual who is prompted by the urge to serve, who has achieved effective mental control, and who is inspired by an impersonal love of his fellow man can in due course become a healer. Productive work will be enhanced by joining a healing group, and gaining experience under the guidance of a qualified leader. In addition the joint efforts of a group must inevitably generate energies which should be considerably more potent than those available to single workers.

     The work of a healer in the New Age will actually be much simpler than that of the present-day physician. One essential for the healer is that he must be abundantly provided with the Energy of Love, which can be radiated to his patients. The potent healing qualities of Love Energy so often remain unrecognized, and consequently neglected. The healer's approach and contact with the patient must therefore primarily be through love and goodwill, which will then act as a channel for further healing energies.

     The future healer will require less detailed academic and technical knowledge, as his qualifications will be of a more fundamental nature. He will be concerned with energies and their points of distribution, the seven etheric centers, and not so much with the physical details of the diseased organs. His functions will therefore be largely intuitive and soul inspired, rather than the product of academic training.