The Process of Evolution
by Benjamin Creme

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Summary: A discussion of the spiritual evolutionary journey toward wholeness

Benjamin Creme was the Chief Editor of Share International, an artist, author, lecturer and esotericist. His telepathic contact with a Master of Wisdom allowed him to receive up-to- date information on the Christ's emergence and to expand on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

     The process of evolution takes place alike on individual, planetary and on cosmic levels. As we progress in this, the human kingdom, we shall recognize that it is a very important kingdom in the scheme of this planet but is nevertheless a transitional phase between the animal and the spiritual kingdoms, and that the evolutionary journey which each of us is making takes place under laws which govern throughout cosmos. There is nothing in the whole of cosmos which, under the law of correspondences, is not proceeding under these same laws of evolution.

     The basic impulse behind all evolution is that activity of the soul in incarnation which we call service. Service is nothing less than the demonstration in relationship of the Law of Love. It is the Love of God for Its creation which impels the Logos Itself to take incarnation and to demonstrate Itself through Its Body, planet Earth, with all the kingdoms, including ourselves.

     We are, essentially, monads, sparks of God, demonstrating divinity at our tiny individual level. We have within us the potentiality of all divinity, and the process presented to us to demonstrate that divinity is rebirth. Rebirth is a process which allows God, through an agent -- ourselves -- to bring Itself down to Its polar opposite -- matter -- in order to bring that matter back into Itself, totally imbued with Its nature. It is an extraordinarily interesting and beautiful thing that is taking place in creation. It is amazing in its beauty, its intricacy, its logic, in the opportunity also for creative change, because it is not a fixed mechanical thing but an extraordinarily beautiful living process.

     We are monads either of Will, of Love, or of Intelligence. The monads reflect themselves as souls, differentiating themselves into seven distinctive energies or ray types. The soul, the true Self, the inner man, demonstrates itself again on the physical plane, taking a personality of one or other of these energies, which may well change from life to life; a mental body, an astral body and a physical body, the rays of which may also change, running the gamut of these various types until it has built into its vehicle all the qualities of all the rays, synthesized in this solar system by the 2nd ray of love-wisdom. In this way, the soul can demonstrate itself as love through its succeeding personality expressions more and more -- until it is doing so totally.

     The aim of the evolutionary journey (in the first place) is to bring the vibrations of the physical, astral and mental vehicles into frequencies so similar that the person is an integrated whole. There has to be this synchronicity of vibration to make possible the great crises of the evolutionary journey called initiation.

     When the individual is ready for training for the last few laps of the evolutionary marathon, the soul brings its vehicle, the man or woman, into meditation of some kind. That very first time it might be a very fleeting experience, but sooner or later meditation becomes an important activity in the life.

     The soul does this in order eventually to grip its vehicle in such a way as to form a link, a channel, through which it can send its energy and its nature into the vehicle and so work out its purposes. The soul, when it takes incarnation, does so with certain plans and purposes, and the incarnation is the opportunity for the vehicle to carry out the soul purpose. This occurs over and over again, and of course the nearer you get to the final straight, the end of the marathon, the more correctly, the more fully, will you be demonstrating the plans and the purposes, the will, of the soul. All that we know of purpose and meaning in life comes from the soul level.

Love and Sacrifice

     The nature of the soul is to love and to serve, and to sacrifice itself for the Plan of the Logos. The soul has no other purpose than to serve through love and sacrifice and it is indeed the self-sacrificial will of the soul which brings it into incarnation. Groups of souls come into incarnation together (however unaware the individual personality might be that it is one of a vast group of souls), each group expressing a particular type of energy and brought into incarnation specifically to handle that energy.

     The ray energies come into manifestation cyclically. For the last 2,000 years, life on this planet has been dominated by the 6th ray of Idealism or Devotion. With its advent, enormous numbers of 6th-ray souls were brought into incarnation because they have the ability to express the qualities of that particular ray. We are now in a period when the 7th ray of Organization or Order is coming into manifestation. There are always several rays (never more than four) in manifestation at any given time, but the 7th ray will bring in very large numbers of 7th-ray souls and people with 7th-ray personalities who will be able to handle the new incoming energy. In the article written by my Master for Share International Vol.5, No.7/8, He talks specifically about the coming into incarnation of groups under a particular ray quality giving the possibility of the correct handling of problems. He begins with the esoteric truism that every period brings into incarnation those souls equipped with the ability to meet with and handle the problems of the particular time.

     Every cycle obeys this law. Whatever problems we are faced with in the world we can be sure that in incarnation, or coming into incarnation in the immediate future, will be groups of souls equipped to deal with these problems. As the Master says, this is the guarantee of progress for humanity; it gives us hope and provides an insight into the working out of the Plan. We are faced today with extraordinary problems because we are at a transitional phase between one age and another. But as this age proceeds, in another, say, 300 years or so, groups of souls will come in who will meet a completely different situation. An altogether more stable one will pertain. These groups will be equipped with the knowledge, the insights, qualities and abilities to demonstrate more of our divine potential, above all the sense of Oneness, of fusion, which is the basic evolutionary aim of this coming cycle.

     We are entering the 'crisis of love'. This is the experience which the human race faces as it enters that period in its evolutionary journey when it will, as a whole, demonstrate the quality of Love and take its place in the Kingdom of Souls, the Esoteric Hierarchy. During the Aquarian age, the aim of the Christ, Maitreya, the Hierophant at the first two initiations, will be to initiate millions of people, in group formation, into the Hierarchy. Eventually, by the end of the age, the vast majority of humanity will have taken their places in the Spiritual Kingdom, the Esoteric Hierarchy, at some stage or other. Vast numbers will take the first and some will take the second initiation. This is an extraordinary event to be happening on a mass scale. It shows the success of the evolutionary Plan as it is envisaged by the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, on Shamballa, and carried out by His agents, the planetary Hierarchy.

     As does everything in cosmos, evolution proceeds according to definite laws. The result of evolutionary experience and progress is to come into a deeper awareness of these laws and of the mechanism by which they govern the energies at the basis of all creation. God, it might be said, is the sum total of all the energies in the whole of the manifested and unmanifested universe and at the same time the laws governing these energies, and their interrelationship. God, as it says in the Bible, is a consuming fire. God is energy, fire; not one fire but many fires. Their interrelation and interaction creates the visible and the invisible universe. As we understand their working, we become manipulators of these laws. The Logoi of the various planets and great Beings like the Christ and the Buddha have evolved into awareness of these laws, have understood their workings and know how to manipulate them correctly, scientifically, in accordance with the Plan of the Solar Logos.