An Esoterical Catechism

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(From Archive XIII of the Master's Records)

     "What part, O Pilgrim on the Way, play you within this scheme? How will you enter into peace? How stand before your Lord?

I play my part with stern resolve, with earnest aspiration; I look above, I help below; I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; I am the cross; I am the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; I forfeit rest, and in the stress of pain I lose myself and find Myself and enter into peace." (Initiation, Human and Solar, p. 212/3)

     "What dost thou See, O disciple on the Path?

Naught but myself, O Master of my life.

     Look closer at thyself, and speak again. What seest thou?

A point of light which waxes and which wanes, and makes the darkness darker.

     Look with intense desire towards the dark, and when the light shines forth grasp opportunity. What now appears?

A horrid sight, O Master of my life. I like it not. It is not true. I am not this or that. This evil selfish thing, it is not me. I am not this.

     Turn on the light with will and power and fierce desire, and then recount the vision that may come. What seest thou?

Beyond the dark, revealed to me by means of light, I see a radiant form which beckons me. What is this Being, standing gracious in the dark and in the light? Is it and can it be my Self?

     What dawns upon thy sight as thou standest on the Way, O worn and tired disciple, yet triumphant in the light?

A radiant shining form which is my Self, my soul. A dark and sombre figure, yet old and wise, experienced and sad. This is my self, my lower self, my ancient tried appearance upon the ways of earth. These two stand face to face, and in between, the burning ground. . . . They move and merge. . . . The Path comes to an end. The Way stretches before. Sight is attained, and in the light reality appears.

     What canst thou now reveal, O Server on the Way?

Revelation comes through me, O Lord of Life. I see it not.

     Why canst thou see it not? What hinders apprehension?

Naught hinders me. I seek not sight for I have seen. My task is revelation. I seek naught for myself.

     What comes thy way for revelation? What has thou to reveal?

Only that which has for aeons long existed, and has for aye been here. The Oneness of the Presence; the area of love; the living, loving , wise, inclusive One, enfolding all and being all, and leaving naught outside.

     To whom must come this revelation, O Server of the world of living things?

To all enfolded in the living, loving Presence; to those who all unknown to them maintain that Presence and for ever shall endure -- as doth that Presence.

     And who are those who live within that Presence but know it not?

They are myself and thou, and still they are myself and still are all I meet. It is the one in every form who think mayhap that form is all; who living thus in time and space, see not the light of life within the form, who hide within, behind the veils, between the four and five (the four kingdoms in nature and the Kingdom of God.  A.A.B) and see naught else. To them I must reveal the truth.

     How will you do this hardest of all tasks, O triumphing disciple?

By letting it be seen I am myself the truth; by living as a fragment of that Presence and seeing all its parts. And thus is revelation brought into the four and by the fifth." (The Rays and the Initiations, p.302/3)