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Summary: A collection of statements by the Tibetan.

 "A disciple is one who above all else, is pledged to do three things:

i. To serve humanity.

ii. To co-operate with the Plan of the Great Ones as he sees it, and as best he may.

iii. To develop the powers of the Ego [Soul], to expand his consciousness until he can function on the three planes in the three worlds, and in the causal body, and to follow the guidance of the higher self and not dictates of his threefold lower manifestation.

     A disciple is one who is beginning to comprehend group work, and to change his centre of activity from himself (as the pivot around which everything revolves) to the group centre.
     A disciple is one who realises simultaneously the relative significance of each unit of consciousness, and also its vast importance. His sense of proportion is adjusted, and he sees things as they are; he sees people as they are; he sees himself as he inherently is, and seeks then to become that which he is.
     A disciple realises the life or force side of nature, and to him the form makes no appeal. He works with force and through force; he recognises himself as a force centre within a greater centre, and his is the responsibility of directing the energy which may pour through him into channels through which the group may be benefited.
     The disciple knows himself to be -- to a greater or less degree -- an outpost of the Master's consciousness, viewing the Master in a twofold sense:

i. As his own egoic consciousness.

ii. As the centre of his group; the force animating the units of the group and binding them into a homogeneous whole.

     A disciple is one who is transferring his consciousness out of the personal into the impersonal, and during the transition stage much of difficulty and of suffering is necessarily endured. These difficulties arise from various causes:

i. The disciple's lower self, which rebels at being transmuted.

ii. A man's immediate group, friends, or family, who rebel at his growing impersonality. They do not like to be acknowledged as one with him on the life side, and yet separate from him where desires and interests lie. Yet the law holds good, and only in the essential life of the soul can true unity be cognised. In the discovery as to what is form, lies much of sorrow for the disciple, but the road leads to perfect union eventually.

     The disciple is one who realises his responsibility to all units who come under his influence -- a responsibility of co-operating with the plan of evolution as it exists for them, and thus to expand their consciousness and teach them the difference between the real and the unreal, between life and form. This he does most easily by a demonstration in his own life as to his goal, his object, and his centre of consciousness." (Esoteric Healing, p. 71/2)

"Each and all has his place in the Plan, would he but qualify by doing the necessary work. That work should be:

     An endeavour to recognise the Divine within each one. In this manner the true occult obedience, which is an essential in all occult training, will be fostered and developed, being not based, as is so often seen, on personality, but on that instinctive realisation of a Master, and the willing following that comes from the recogniton of His powers, the purity of His life and aims, and the profundity of His knowledge.
     An endeavour to think in group terms and clearly for oneself, not depending upon the word of others for clarification.
     An endeavour to purify and refine all the bodies and make them more reliable servants.
     An endeavour to equip throughtout the mental vehicle, and to restore within it the facts upon which extended knowledge may be based.

     If these things are done, great will be the day of opportunity." (Letters on Occult Meditation, p. 309/10)

"In the rigid disciplining of yourself comes eventual perfection. To the disciple naught is too small to undertake, for in the rigid adjustment of the details of the lower world life comes, at the end, attainment of the goal. The life of the disciple becomes not easier as the Gate is neared, but ever the watch must be more thorough, ever right action must be taken with no regard to result, and ever each body in all its aggregate of detail must be wrestled with and subjugated. Only in the thorough comprehension of the axiom "Know thyself" will come that understanding that enables man to wield the law and know the inner working of the system from the centre to the periphery. Struggle, strive, discipline, and rejoicingly serve, with no reward save the misunderstanding and the abuse of those who follow after -- this is the role of the disciple." (Letters on Occult Meditation, p. 310)

"It is not the part of a coward, in these matters concerning the subjective life, to move with caution and with care; it is the part of discretion. The aspirant, therefore, has three things to do:

i. Purify, discipline and transmute his threefold lower nature.

ii. Develop knowledge of himself, and equip his mental body by good deeds and thoughts.

iii. Serve his race in utter self-abnegation.

     In doing this he fulfils the law, he puts himself in the right conditon for training, fits himself for the ultimate application of the Rod of Initiation, and thus minimises the danger that attends awakening of the fire." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 162)

"As the aspirant progresses, he not only balances the pairs of opposites, but the secret of his brother's heart becomes revealed to him. He becomes an acknowledged force in the world, and is recognised as one who can be depended upon to serve. Men turn to him for assistance and help along his recognised line, and he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard not only in human but in deva ranks as well. This he does, at this stage, through the pen in literature, through the spoken word in lecturing and teaching, through music, painting and art. He reaches the hearts of men in some way or another, and becomes a helper and server of his race.
     . . . At this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an "instrument of destruction" in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes, the force which flows through him from the higher planes, and from his own inner God, produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as as stimulator both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris who form the bodies of his brothers and his own body are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased, and their power greatly aggravated. This fact is used by Those Who work on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This it is also which oft times temporarily causes the downfall of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouring down into them, or upon them, and through the temporary over-stimulation of their centres and vehicles they go astray. This can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords of the lower self have been earlier subjugated and brought under control, then the effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response of the physical brain consciousness and the head centres to egoic contact. Then the otherwise destructive force becomes a factor for good and helpful stimulation, and can be used by Those Who know how, to lead men on to further illumination.
     All these stages have to work out on all the three lower planes and in the three bodies; this they do according to the particular Ray and subray. In this fashion the work of the disicple is carried forward, and his testing and training carried out until the two circles of petals are unfolded, and the third is organised. Thus he is brought, through right direction of energy and wise manipulation of force currents, to the Portal of Initiation, and graduates out of the Hall of Learning into the great Hall of Wisdom -- that Hall wherein he gradually becomes "aware" of forces, and powers, latent in his own Ego and egoic group. It is the Hall wherein he gains the right to use the force of the egoic group, for he can now be trusted to wield it only for the helping of humanity. After the fourth Initiation, he becomes a sharer in, and can be trusted with some part of the energy of the planetary Logos and thus be enabled to carry forward the Plans of that Logos for evolution." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 865/7)